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Finding Fantasy Friday: Thank a Fairy

There's an International Fairy Day, and it's on June 24th every year. It's a day to thank all those magical fairies that make gardens beautiful, love having tea on your rose petals, and pester your dog or cat. Yes, fairies are responsible for making your dog bark for no reason in the backyard. hehe

On a serious note, there is a festival that occurs at this time to celebrate this magical day. It's the NY Faerie Festival: A Midsummer's Dream. I haven't been to it, but I'd love to one day when my baby girl gets older, and we can pretend to be fairies for a weekend. :)

Finding Fantasy Friday: 10 Real Places that Put You in a Fantasy Novel

Who doesn't love to travel? Well, I actually know a few people who don't like it much. I'll never wrap my head around that. Traveling, to me, is just like reading a book or watching a move; it's an escape from reality. Except with traveling, you get to experience your own adventure. You know me I'm all about an adventure.

Being in a foreign place (It doesn't have to be a foreign country to be foreign, just a place you don't frequent often.), sparks my imagination. Although I don't usually write on my adventures, I collect as many pictures--mental and actual--for my visions later. If you're not a writer but reader, even better, these places are great for helping you see author's ideas. Even if the novel is on a desert plains in the Andromeda Galaxy, I can assure you the author is basing this on a desert he's been to before. 

Traveling enriches your life and opens you to cultures different from your own. It makes you more cultured and well-rounded. This Finding Fantasy before you plan your next vacation or maybe already planned yours, here are 10 great places that can make you feel like you just stepped into a fantasy novel:

10 Places that Put You in a Fantasy Novel:

ANNOUNCING...Book Release

Woohoo! Today I'm announcing the date of the second Meridienne Drake Series. It is called Attaining the Truth and will be released on August 18, 2012. Below is a widget for you to grab and display.

My Journey and Excerpt by Dale S. Rogers

So, excited! Today is the first of my new feature for Young Adult or Fantasy Authors and Illustrators. Without further ado, let me introduce my guest post today. She is a Young Adult/Tween writer and an awesome person to to follow and be followed by on Twitter. Don't forget to read the excerpt from her story. I can't wait for more and wish you, Dale, the best of luck on your publishing journey. :o)

Dale S. Rogers
     Scratching chalk onto the blackboard of a high school classroom years ago, I might have thought about the knifing which occurred there shortly before I started student teaching.  I also might have wished I'd majored in Journalism or Creative Writing.  I still do.  

Finding Fantasy Friday: Superheroes

When I say superhero, what comes to mind? Probably Superman or Batman or Spiderman. Then, you probably think of Christopher Reeve or Dean Cain, George Clooney or Christian Bale, and Tobey Maguire. Yum! Or maybe you think of Margot Kidder or Teri Hatcher, Kim Basinger or Michelle Pfeiffer, and Kirsten Dunst. So purty!

Anyway, according to Merriam Webster, superheroes are defined as people with extraordinary or superhuman powers. But this isn't true. Batman doesn't have superhuman powers. He had unlimited amounts of money to have any kind of technology he wanted and combat skills. So, I think Wikipedia's definition is more accurate,  "superhero is a type of stock character, dedicated to protecting the public."

Okay. Okay. What does this have to do with Finding Fantasy in our everyday lives? Everything.

Finding Fantasy: Cosmic Bowling

I'm calling this segment. Finding Fantasy in your everyday life. My stories are fantasy-based. A big question asked is "How do you come up with that?" Well, it exists all around me and all around you. Mostly, you have to stretch your imagination.

Disney World helps you get into that place without using much imagination and is one of the reasons it's in my top three fave places in the world. But you can find it in your everyday life.