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Finding Fantasy Friday: 10 Real Places that Put You in a Fantasy Novel

Who doesn't love to travel? Well, I actually know a few people who don't like it much. I'll never wrap my head around that. Traveling, to me, is just like reading a book or watching a move; it's an escape from reality. Except with traveling, you get to experience your own adventure. You know me I'm all about an adventure.

Being in a foreign place (It doesn't have to be a foreign country to be foreign, just a place you don't frequent often.), sparks my imagination. Although I don't usually write on my adventures, I collect as many pictures--mental and actual--for my visions later. If you're not a writer but reader, even better, these places are great for helping you see author's ideas. Even if the novel is on a desert plains in the Andromeda Galaxy, I can assure you the author is basing this on a desert he's been to before. 

Traveling enriches your life and opens you to cultures different from your own. It makes you more cultured and well-rounded. This Finding Fantasy before you plan your next vacation or maybe already planned yours, here are 10 great places that can make you feel like you just stepped into a fantasy novel:

10 Places that Put You in a Fantasy Novel: