Finding Fantasy Friday: Thank a Fairy

There's an International Fairy Day, and it's on June 24th every year. It's a day to thank all those magical fairies that make gardens beautiful, love having tea on your rose petals, and pester your dog or cat. Yes, fairies are responsible for making your dog bark for no reason in the backyard. hehe

On a serious note, there is a festival that occurs at this time to celebrate this magical day. It's the NY Faerie Festival: A Midsummer's Dream. I haven't been to it, but I'd love to one day when my baby girl gets older, and we can pretend to be fairies for a weekend. :)

Taken directly from the festival website about the event:

Fairies, elves and fantastic creatures gather in wooded hollows between the Finger Lakes and the Catskill mountains. With enchanting music and colorful pageantry they invite you to join them in celebrating nature's wonders and the magic of imagination.
  • Walk the paths of the Wattlestone Garden and the Labyrinth...
  • Enjoy the play of jugglers, magicians and wandering minstrels; of puppeteers, actors and storytellers.
  • Eat wholesome local food.
  • Dance to live music from an array of fantastic performers.
    We will have some great new musicians as well as old favorites for 2013!
  • Meet with the Faerie Queen and her Court of marvelous characters.
  • Thrill to the jousting tournament as Sir Oak and Sir Holly compete for the right to escort the Faerie Queen.
With parades, processions and interactive performances throughout the day, opportunities abound to share in the pomp and pageantry of A Midsummer's Dream Faerie Festival. From face-painted fairy princesses to wildly costumed characters of fantasy fiction, artful presentation abounds!
There will be a fashion show of woodland wearables featuring ensemble work from some of our festival clothing merchants. Guests too, who come garbed and glamoured may show off their look on the Faerie Fashion Runway... World-class face & body painters and maskmakers can work their wonders to perfectly complement your otherworldly ensemble.
A proud feature of our festival is a JURIED EXHIBITION AND SALE of handmade North American artwork and fine crafts. About thirty exhibitors will have been carefully selected for originality and craftsmanship in a balanced variety of media. We enthusiastically encourage you to support American artists and craftspeople.

This isn't the only fairy festival. There are many more around the country, but this is the only one I've found around International Fairy Day. What a great way to celebrate it!

As you may know, in my novel Secrets of the Truth, we meet a fairy, and in later books, we will delve even deeper in that world, plus a novella that is all about the fairies. So they hold a special place in my heart. :) 

Even if you aren't in the NY area, you can celebrate it too by reading books with fairies. If old enough, what a great way to introduce children to Shakespeare by reading, A Midsummer Night's Dream. My baby girl loves Tinkerbell right now, so we will watch some of those this weekend. And, by all means, clap your hands and save a fairy's life. How will you celebrate?

Lots of <3,

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