Finding Fantasy Friday: Dragons in your Garden

This segment is all about Finding Fantasy in your everyday life. Today, I found dragons in my garden. hehe

Snapdragon. львиный зев by Tatters
Some rights reserved.

Snapdragons, that is.

After this awful winter, I needed to revamp a planter that hangs on the wall of my patio. I came across snapdragons at the nursery. They come in many colors, but mine are beautiful pink flowers like the pic on the left. I fell in love immediately. Of course, the fact that it had the word dragon in the name probably added to the allure. Okay, definitely added to the allure, but seriously, look at the flowers. They're gorgeous.

I brought them home to add to the planter. When my mother-in-law, an avid gardener, saw them, she asked, "You know why they're called snapdragons, don't you?"

I shook my head. I know next to nothing about plants, but I love them. Even though I'm allergic to almost all of them, it doesn't stop me from admiring the flowers, and I really want to have beautiful gardens that attract butterflies and, you guessed it, dragonflies. However, no matter how hard I try, gardening is not one of my skills. Usually, my gardens are the places plants go to die, unless that plant is a philodendron. Apparently, not only do those survive, they thrive. I've yet to come across any that have gotten as big as mine.

I'm drifting. Back to snapdragons.

After I expressed my lack of knowledge concerning snapdragons, my MIL strolled over to my planter. Ever so gently, she secured the lower petal between her fingers, and lowered it. Oh, SNAP.

All Rights Reserved by Jessica Dragon Cheramie`
Do you see what I see?
It looks like a dragon's mouth, and it's opening to breathe fire. :)

Such a simple little treasure. Now, if only I can keep it alive. Argh!

Do you have snapdragons? I could definitely use advice. 
What is your favorite flower?

Lots of <3,

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