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Finding Fantasy Friday: Bigfoot Encounters

Bigfoot | Sasquatch | Hairy Man 

By Amit Patal
While I was fixing dinner the other night, the Engineer was watching a documentary on Bigfoot. It wasn't the Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot or the best I've ever seen on the subject, but it was definitely entertaining. The documentary, at times, seemed to make fun of the interviewees. This rubbed me the wrong way and not just because we are trying so hard to teach children that bullying and making fun of others is wrong. I mean, how can you tell them it's wrong when they see so many others doing it on a very public level? Had to throw in a rant there.

The real reason it rubbed me the wrong way is at the end of the documentary they basically concluded that there isn't a Bigfoot. I think it's close-minded to say that, and I hope one day they are proven wrong. How can you say there isn't a Bigfoot, plain and simple? It brings up the age-old question: Just because you can't see it, does it mean it doesn't exist?