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Meet the Characters: Emery Drake

While I'm busy pounding away on some new Meridienne Drake stuff, I wanted to introduce you to some of my inspiration for the characters. I can't say any one person inspires my characters. I like to take the best of some and the worst of others and mix-mash it into my idea of who's who, but sometimes I know exactly who'd have the ability to play a character in a movie. Like Emery.

Characteristics of Emery Drake:

Finding Fantasy Friday: First Love is like a Fairy Tale?

I can't believe I haven't written this one yet, especially since in my book, Secrets of the Truth, the MC (Meri) has her first love.

Seriously, is there anything more fantastical than your first love? Well, yes, finding that one you realize you can't live without. Sometimes that co-exists. Not so much for me. I went the practice makes perfect route.

I remember as a girl, fantasizing that my first love would be just like a fairy tale. With songs that say, "So this is love. MmmHmmMmm." from Cinderella and "I know you. I walked with you once upon a dream." from Sleeping Beauty, how could a girl not have a picture of what first love is like.

Is love a real life fantasy?

Meri announces the Winners

Hey! It's Meri. Okay, Okay. Katie says hi, too. She is obnoxiously hanging over my shoulder reading every word I type. So annoying, right? Thanks for all the birthday wishes! I had tons of fun on my birthday. I didn't get to eat any birthday cake though. Nat tried to light my candles, and, well, burned a hole in the table. Geez.

I got some great stuff. By great stuff, I mean money. I see a shopping trip to that little clothing boutique we found. I think Jess mentioned it in Book 1. Btw, Katie just said that I should write, "money, dummy." She meant "money, honey."  Shaking my head at that one.  

Ohmygod. So, are you as excited as I am for Book 2. Can't wait. Biting my nails over here. There are some great new characters and an exciting new adventure in store for you. I can't say much yet. I promise I will be around to give you some scoop. Maybe even a sneak peek, or we'll see. I know Jess has so much in store for you.

All right. Katie is yelling at me to announce the winners for the giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered. It was exciting. Many people won multiple prizes. I think everyone who entered won something. How cool is that!

And the Winners are...

Sandra drops by for a spot of tea

‘ello, loves. I am 'aving some Black tea as I write this to yous. What are yous drinking? 

Jess asked me to stop by today and talk to yous.  I was only too ‘appy to do it. Yous see she and Meri are off trying to get Book 2 out for the lot of yous. For those of yous who don’t know me, I work for the Drakes.

I’m from a little city just outside of Liverpool, which is part of England. Yous may ‘ave ‘eard of that city if yous are a fan of the Beatles. They came from me parts. Me father was a Draco Protector and a friend of Mr. Emery Drake. When ‘e died, ‘e left a lot of debt for me mum. We struggled to get by until Mr. Drake offered me to come look after ‘is two young tykes.

England is such a brilliant country and ‘as many different dialects, just as the United States ‘as a Southern accent, Brooklyn accent, Boston accent, etc. Me accent is known as Scouse, which make me a Scouser. Please do not mistake me as a Scot or Irish, just as you wouldn’t call either of them English. Obviously, I’ve been living in the States for over twenty years now and ‘ave adapted some things, but clearly I don’t speak like most Americans.