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The Wednesday Writing Worktable: A Thoroughly Thorough Critique

You've found a partner willing to exchange manuscripts or WIPs (works-in-progress) for critiques. You know what not to do in giving and receiving critiques. Still, your hands tremble as they hover over the keyboard. What do you write? What do you look for?

I prefer receiving thorough critiques, and unless told differently that's what I give. Some writers prefer tackling one thing at a time (i.e. story structure or plot or characters alone), but it's hard for the reader to keep re-reading the same story. Things tend to get overlooked when you've read it six times already. But if that's what they want, that's fine. Just be sure to know what your critique partner is looking for beforehand. Some people suggest not to critique grammar if you're critiquing a first draft. I try really hard, but I was an English teacher, it's not something I can turn off easily. So I say that's your call.

I'm not going to talk about the etiquette of critique writing. I did that last week. If you missed it, have no fear, go HERE. To read this series from the beginning, go HERE.

This is about the nuts and bolts of writing a thorough critique when asked for.

5 Ways to make your critique Thoroughly Thorough:

All the Things I Wanted To Say, but never could say them

Before I could write what I wanted to say for this post. I needed my husband's permission. I knew he would say yes, but it was important to me because it's his story too. I have written this post a thousand times. Each time I have erased it entirely. It's not an easy topic. Being a writer, you have to answer what inspired you to write this novel. I always say dragons because of my name. And it's true to an extent.

I grew up as Jessica Dragon. It is such a cool name, but it didn't come without the occasional joke. I remember when I was in elementary school. A boy a year older than me was picking on my brother because he had a speech impediment that he grew out of by the way. I got very defensive and went and lit into this older boy. Well, after that, he called me fire-breathing dragon. That was a name I held dearly. I mean who would mess with someone named that. HA!