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The Wednesday Writing Worktable: How to find a Crit partner/group

On the table today is all about critiques, specifically how to get critiques.

First, let me start by saying this: Critique partners and Beta Readers are two entirely different things.

A critique partner is someone who will look at your WIP(Work-in-Progress) multiple times. They will provide useful advice on the story, characters, grammar, etc. They will listen as you hash out trouble spots and work with you to make your story the best it can possibly be. They are more like editors.

A beta reader is someone who will only look at your nearly finished manuscript. They will read the story as a reader will and provide information and advice on your nearly finished manuscript. Mostly, they might realize plot holes, loose ends, flat characters, and minor grammar mistakes. They will give it a reader's perspective.

Today, we are discussing Critique Partners/Groups. How do you find them?