The Wednesday Writing Worktable: JuNoWriMo Take-Off is Almost Here

Two weeks in a row, I'm working on my Sony Vaio Fit14.

Okay, this week is again on JuNoWriMo. We are days away from the Take-Off.

I'm hellbent and determined; I will finish this WriMo. :) So, what have I been doing?

Last time, I told you I was working on my plot and character sketches. This week, I have been going through all of my character sketches, even interviewing them. They are becoming permanent fixtures in my brain, which is what I need for this challenge.

Also, I have to make sure I know my plot and subplots. That's been my main focus the past few days. First, let me apologize for the blurry pics. In a perfect world, I could trust that it would only be used as learning tools, but it's anything but. :( I think you can still understand what I'm doing in the maps.

I have my notecards in Scrivener. They map out my hero's journey. But I also sorted it into three acts, adding a little more detail. I did this in Scapple. This helped me to really see the plan and see where I have some holes and questions. I look at this everyday.

Next, I did this. My MC is front and center. You can kind of see in my screenshot. I drew arrows to and fro every character. The green box is a legend, telling me what colors for my allies, antagonists, and neutral characters. In this case, I used blue for allies, pink for antagonists, and yellow for neutral. Then, I put how the character and reader first meet the character. Under each character, I wrote how this character is going to affect the overall plot. For instance, how the character will take the plot further along or take off track. Denise Jaden does something similar that she talks about and has free printables available through her book.

The last Scapple file I have lists my POV characters and their struggles. Obviously, my MC is ultimately the storyteller of the main plot, which is the hero's journey. So, instead of listing her struggles with her life, I instead listed her struggles with each person that isn't part of the main plot. Then, for the others, I'm in the process of listing the struggles in their life that don't involve my MC. It's sort of like writing their own story. I may or may not use these, but it helps each of these characters and makes them more dynamic and not flat. I'm still working on this.

The countdown is almost over. JuNoWriMo is almost here. It's a work-in-progress. I'm not afraid to change or trash any part of the story to make it work as a whole. It's my first journey as a plotter, and I really see the benefits of doing it this way. I'll see even more, if I am able to write this book in a month. I'm so excited and cant' wait to start writing.

Lots of <3,

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