The Making of a News Article from the Interviewee

Thursday, April 17

I checked my cell phone after my baby's nap. There's a voicemail from a number that I don't know, but the area code is local to Houma. So, I listen.

"This message is for Jessica. My name is Jordan Gribble. I'm with the Houma Courier. A colleague of mine forwarded your information. I understand that a series of books that you wrote is going to be released nationwide. I think it's really awesome and interesting. I'd like to write a piece on you and your books for next Monday's issue..."

I called him back, duh. Did I want to do an interview? Hell, yeah. I talked with him on the phone for less than twenty minutes. I could hear his fingers banging on the keyboard as I spoke. I could only imagine what he heard on my end as my one year old did circles around my legs, brought me every toy in her arsenal, and decided that then was the time to practice her limited consonants and pitchy screams. He listened patiently as I droned on, answering his questions.

We hung up.

Friday, April 18

The next afternoon, Good Friday, a staff photographer, Chris Heller, came to my house and took pictures. First of me holding my book. Argh. I hate taking pictures. Then, we throw the baby in. She's a natural. Too cute. Perfect. Done. If it took more than ten minutes, I'd be surprised.

Monday, April 21

The article came out. It was great. Jordan didn't make me sound as dumb as I'm sure I did on the phone. Chris made me look so much better with my baby girl. It was quick as lightning (I'm certain it was way more work on their part.) and out before I knew it. Take a peek for yourself.

Stay true to you.

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