Been awhile, but I'm back

It's been a while, but I'm back. I've taken some time to adjust to a new, wonderful, and exciting role in life...

 Being a mommy

It's hard to believe she was that tiny. It's been 13 months since then.


She's a year old. Man, time flies. She doesn't even look like that baby up there.

I love being a mommy. More so, I'm blessed to spend every day with her. And we have so much fun.

But just because I haven't been on the world wide web, doesn't mean I haven't been busy behind the scenes. Four hours of naps have left a lot of writing time. One of those things meant I decided to find a publisher to help me take Meridienne Drake further than I could do alone.

That means republishing the first book in the series. And it's now out at Barnes and NobleAmazon, through the publisher, or through your favorite bookstore. :)

                                             Secrets of the Truth

I appreciate all those who are waiting patiently for book 2. I promise there are already things in the works that I'm sure Meridienne Drake fans will love, including Book 2 and a special story.

Also, if you're a fan of my work, I have some new things in the works too. So exciting.

So grab a copy of the new Secrets of the Truth and stay tuned with me and, of course, this precious face that I wake up to everyday.

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Stay true to you.

P.S. Leave a comment telling me whether you like the new cover or not. You won't hurt my feelings. Just want the truth.

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  1. Congratulations on becoming a Mom! Your daughter is gorgeous! While I didn't have a baby, I haven't been blogging much over the past few months so haven't noticed your absence, but I'm happy you've had the chance to be with your new one. As for the book cover, honestly, Jessica, the new cover looks fabulous! I prefer seeing a large title font and the new one has much more interest, catching the eye and drawing it in. The caped figure holding the torch could be either male or female, which will appeal to both guys and girls. The unusual night sky obviously suggests another planet, which will attract the attention of the prospective reader. All in all, I think you've hit a home run with this one. :)