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This is a bit late, but it hasn't gone as smooth as it did in my plans. I will know better next time. However, things are progressing, so that is good news. Meridienne Drake is currently available in ebook format at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Smashwords.

For some reason my formatting is skewed when Barnes & Noble and Amazon converted it. I followed their guidelines, so I don't know why it did that. It's not unreadable, but it just doesn't look the way I intended. I will be working on revisions and it should revise your copy if you've already purchased it. The smashwords versions are perfect though, and when you buy it, you buy it for all platforms (Ipad, Nook, Kindle, etc.).

If you are waiting for the paperback, the good news is I should receive the proof tomorrow. That has taken a week to get. Argh! If everything looks good, then it should be on sale hopefully Saturday. We'll see how that goes. After that, then the battle to get into stores begins. If you know me, then you know I will do whatever it takes to get into stores.

You know what's funny. I keep waiting to hear feedback on the book, but at the same time, I don't want to hear anything. Does that make sense? I keep telling myself that I put it out there for people to read it, so I have to accept that. I think the scariest part is not people hating the book, but liking the book.

If people hate it, you know it's a learning experience. I learn what to do better or not do at all. If people like it, how do you respond to that? When people talk about the book, I still kind of cower and withdraw, and that's not even when they are saying whether they like it or not, just saying, "Hey! You wrote a book!" Why do I do that?

Last weekend, I was talking to a musician who understood. He said that it's personal when he puts his music out there. IT SO IS! With a book as with music, people judge you openly. I think it's great that my book is out there, but when people take notice to it, it's a whole different story.

While my characters are not truly representations of people in my life, I do draw from personal experiences from those closest to me. It's what writers do...they write what they know. So, when someone says they love this character or they loved a certain scene, it makes me chuckle because of the my real world memory of it. Then I get funny looks. Hehe!

Then, I get the "How could you sit down and write a novel? Where does it come from?" I never know whether to take offense from this. I don't think people mean it in a mean way, but to me it sounds almost like, "Hey, what's wrong with you? Are you schizophrenic?" To me though, it's like a movie that plays in my head. Something in the real world sparks my Greek muse and I think "Hey that would make a great story." It's kind of like I have the TV on all the time, and it's always playing my favorite channel. Hehe!

All things considered, whether good or bad, I do want feedback. So if you like young adult, fantasy, or magic and you read my book, please let me know what you think. It's invaluable to me. If you don't like young adult or fantasy or magic, let me make it easy on you and don't read my book!

Find the ebook HERE!

Lots of <3, Jess

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