The Wednesday Writing Worktable: Deep Meaning with Georgeann Swiger

For the Wednesday Writing Worktable, I have author Georgeann Swiger stopping by on her Blog Tour for the latest installment of the Trinity of Souls Series. She's sharing with us about the importance of symbols and creating a deeper meaning plus an interview with the author, an excerpt, and details on her awesome giveaway below.

Deep Meaning

I like adding bits of symbolism within my stories. In The Trinity of Souls Series, I used flowers to convey hidden meaning. The most interesting symbolic flower I used was forsythia. It is a running theme throughout the series, signifying the love between Micah and Anya. In flower terminology, forsythia stands for expectation and anticipation. It represents my star-crossed angels’ quest for love.

Two other flowers I used in Cloven are the names of two key characters. Dahlia is a misbegotten angel who wants to keep Micah in Hell with her. In the world of flowers, Dahlia stands for elegance and dignity. Dahlia also means forever thine. While Dahlia’s elegance and dignity remain in question, the sentiment of forever thine is a perfect description of what she wants from Micah.

The final flower name that shows up in the book is given to a black horse that saves Anya on more than one occasion. Lily means purity of heart, majesty and honor. This horse represents all those things. I think readers are really going to like her.

Symbolism can play a huge role in books. Knowing where to look for it can sometimes be tricky, but when you find it, you discover another layer to a story.

Many symbols exist within The Trinity of Souls Series.  As I’ve said, finding the symbols can be tricky, but if you like a challenge look for them and let me know what you think is some of the deeper meaning I place within the series.

Definitely comment on the symbolism you found in Georgeann's stories. Also, taking the lead from Georgeann's post on Deep Meaning in her stories, are there any symbols that you remember from literature? Leave me a comment. I know there are plenty. The one most memorable to me was all the mentioning of green in the Great Gatsby symbolizing the greed and envy of the characters. It's so ingrained for me. Probably because for a school assignment we decorated my parents' dining room with a Gatsby-esque theme and everything was green. So much fun.

About the Author:

Georgeann Swiger earned her degree in journalism from West Virginia University, and then spent five years as an anchor/reporter at WBOY-TV in Clarksburg, WV. After having children, she left television news to be a stay at home mom. During that time, she discovered creative writing was more fun than writing about real life tragedy. Imagining interesting character and having them come to life on the page is now her passion. When she’s not writing, she works as a substitute teacher. She lives in Reedsville, West Virginia with her husband, two kids, a beagle dog and a temperamental cat who tries to rule the house.


This is something probably everyone asks, but every author has a different response. When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
I realized I wanted to be a writer when I was in high school. That’s when I was editor of the yearbook and found that I enjoyed writing.
Every writer seems to have at least one thing that we must have/do to be able to write. What would you say is your writing quirk? 
I always keep a pack of chewing gum in my desk drawer. I prefer Trident original flavor or Orbit mint flavor. As I write this, I’m living on the edge and chewing Dubble Bubble fruit flavors. Sometimes you got to shake things up. ;)                                                                                                       
My stories always become very vivid and alive to me. I often take some cues off of people I know or observe. While you were writing, did you ever feel as if you were one of the characters or base it on someone you’ve known?
I’m sure there are some aspects of every character that I’ve based on someone I know or someone I’ve observed. For me, when I write, the characters slowly take on a life of their own. The deeper I get into a character the easier it is for me to hear them and see responding to a scene. I know when I’ve reached that point because the dialogue comes quickly. I can bang out a scene fast once the character comes alive in my head.
I think readers don’t truly grasp how much research and time we spend on books to get them just so. In the process, we learn so many things. What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating your books?
Before writing the first book in my series, I did a lot of research about angels. Truthfully, that research changed my way of thinking about these divine beings. Prior to writing The Trinity of Souls Series, I pictured angels as the souls of deceased loved ones who watched over us from Heaven. However, I learned angels are a “species” of their own. A human doesn’t die and become an angel. An angel is a being of light, created by God to serve in a number of capacities. They have their own hierarchy in Heaven that defines them and their purpose. It’s really interesting stuff.
This also varies from author to author. And, I think it helps connect with the right readers if they like certain stories. What do you think makes a good story?
I think a good story has to capture a reader’s imagination from the start. It needs to surprise readers and make them see things in a different way. I personally love stories that change my way of thinking and open my mind to something new and different.
As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?
When I was little, I liked to play school. I wanted to be a teacher or a nurse. As time went on, I discovered a love of writing and ended up majoring in journalism. I worked as a news anchor/reporter for five years. Today, I substitute teach at a local elementary school. So I’m a teacher after all.
I find it funny when people are surprised that I have other interests and hobbies outside of writing. What do you like to do when you're not writing?
I love to shop for antiques. I’m always on the lookout for something different to decorate my house. Antiques are perfect. Plus, they fit my hundred year old home.
A hundred year old house? So cool. The stories that house can tell. Speaking of, I have to know. What book are you reading now? 
I’m currently beta reading a book for a friend. When I’m done, I have my eye on Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard. I’m interested in seeing how she handles YA historical paranormal. *Hint* I have an idea for a book that would fall into this category.
Ooo, we like hints. Can you share a little of your current work with us? Pretty please. 
I’m in the process of drafting the final book in The Trinity of Souls Series. I feel the book is pretty rough and I’m leery about sharing an excerpt, but I will share with you the title. You’re the first person to hear it. *Drum Roll* The final book is called Trivium. A trivium is where three roads meet. It’s the perfect title for the third book in so many ways.
Yay. I am honored. What a great name for a book. I love it. Is there a message in Cloven? Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?
In Cloven, the message is you need to be fearless. When I started writing the book, I certainly didn’t see that message coming, but it’s what I ended up with. I think it’s a good message. It’s a message that I’m working hard to live by.

       Georgeann, thanks so much for including me in your blog tour and for all the info and special reveal. It was great to get a glimpse inside your world. :)

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Cloven excerpt

“What are you two doing?” The deep voice coming from the hallway sends a happy tremor through my body. I jump to my feet to run to Micah, but I’m stopped by the piercing pain of glass going through my foot. I look down to see blood trickling on the
floor. When I sit on the couch to pull out the shard, Kieran and Emory hover around me.

“Why are you in my room?” Micah asks, angrily.

Kieran and Emory move to the side to give Micah a direct line to me. I look up and his gaze grabs mine. We stare at one another, caught in a wordless hello. Small expressions run over his face, telling me he’s relieved, happy, confused.

“Leave us,” he says quietly without looking away from me.

Kieran and Emory hurry out of the room, shutting the door behind them. Micah closes his eyes. He takes a deep breath, bows his head and mutters something under his breath. When he looks up, he stares at me in disbelief. He doesn’t seem to notice the glass crunching under his feet as he steps toward me. His lips quiver, trying to form words that won’t come.

The fire crackles and pops behind him. Micah’s eyes glisten while he studies my shaking hand, reaching for him. My hand finds his, linking our fingers together. The strong beat of his pulse thumps in his trembling fingers. I step cautiously to the floor, avoiding the glass. When I’m eye level with him, his pupils flicker. As soon as I open my mouth to tell him how much I missed him, he pulls me to his body and covers my mouth with his. Every pent up emotion is released the second he kisses me. I don’t know where this Micah came from. His mouth claims mine without reservation or fear of repercussions. I fall into his embrace, enjoying every bit of the intensity of the kiss that tells me he missed me as much as I missed him. The tension in his body falls away as his hands travel through my hair and down my back, over my hips and up my sides like he’s making sure I’m real. I’m real, Micah, I want to say but I don’t want to stop kissing him. The taste of his lips brings to life the forbidden feelings I’m done hiding. I can’t get enough of him.


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Don't forget to leave me a comment on your most memorable symbols from literature and/or the symbolism in Georgeann's books. :)
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