Monday Getaway: I NEED TO READ AGAIN

I know I've been MIA, but know I'm in the background, writing like mad. I've been exploring short stories and flash fiction to get ideas for things in the future. I've been forcing my hand in editing and improving my organization.

Also, the last few weeks, my Nook crapped out on me. I'm not dissing Nook. I loved my Nook HD+ tablet more than anything. But I was trying to make it do things it wasn't intended to do and had over 200 books on it and not to mention the 100 apps. So, I retired it as a writing device. It's become just an ereader now for my Little One, who loves the animated books on it. I bought a Surface for it's seamless connection to my computer and will start reading again, now that my Library App works again.

I haven't been able to just read for enjoyment. Not reading to me is like not having a television. Reading sparks my imagination and tugs at my emotions. So great.

So, here's my reading list for what's to come on Monday Geataways. It's not in any certain order. It's just a list of things I want to read for this blog series. I'm also going to make a point to update what I'm reading on Goodreads, so if you want to read with me, that's be fantastic. :)

YA Books I Want to Read:

This is a good start. Do you see the trend? So many last books in a series. This is why I like to read the entire series in one sitting. This is a start. What's on yours?

Lots of <3,

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