Finding Fantasy Friday: Firework Frenzy (Short Short Story)

Lady Liberty with spiked crown
by Wonderlane
"Where's my beer?" the man asked his wife.

With a toddler on her hip and another running in circles around her, the woman sighed. "I don't know what you did with your beer. Look on the counter."

"Mommy. Mommy, when I see boom-booms?" The toddler wriggled in her grasp.

"They're fireworks, baby, and we are leaving as soon as your father finds his happy juice."

"I want happy juice."

She handed the toddler a sippy cup of apple juice. "Here you go."

She loaded her children into the family swagger wagon. As she checked her oldest child's buckle, she noticed the red tinge to his skin. She should have applied sunscreen more often. 

The poolside barbecue had had a fantastic turnout of family and friends. Everyone relaxed in and by the pool, eating hamburgers and hot dogs. It was totally worth the early alarm on their day off to start cooking and decorating.

Her husband opened the driver's door and got in.

"Out," she told him.

"I'm going to drive."

"No, I'm going to drive. You've been having a little too much fun today."

He groaned, but got out and made his way to the passenger side.

Jessica Dragon Cheramie
Fireworks July 4, 2013 by Colin Henderson
Cars lined the street. A carpet of people blanketed the park. Her over-eager children ran rampant as they set up their spot among the throng of people.

"Brent, Parker, come here," she called for her boys.

They bounced their way and plopped on the blanket.

"Kids, do you know why we are celebrating July 4th?" the mother asked.

Her oldest son nodded. "Yep. It's the country's birthday."

"Very good, Parker."

"Are we having cake?"

The mother chuckled. "No, we came to watch the fireworks."

"Well, for my birthday, we better have cake."

The fireworks started. The family laid on the blanket and watched the night sky light up.


This is now, but back in 1776, it was very different fireworks. A written document ignited the fireworks of war. Thus, the power of words began a revolution that freed America. Happy Birthday, USA!

Here are some fun facts about the 4th of July: Click Here

Here is a cute history lesson:


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