Thundering Thursday (A Day in My Life)

  Yesterday, I looked at the time. It was 5:10pm. Better get dinner started. I was going to make Curried Chicken, which takes about an hour to cook in the oven and half an hour to prepare. Hubby gets home at 6:45pm, and I like having dinner ready when he gets home because it's late enough as it is.

  Then, I remembered he got off a little early today to help his buddy. So, I called him on my from Cassiopeia (what we named our office) to the kitchen.

  "Hey, babe, on your way home?" I glanced out the window that viewed the backyard as I walked past.

  "Yeah. Probably will be home around the same time as usual though."

  He was talking. I wasn't listening. I had stopped for a second before entering the kitchen. I took a few steps back and closer to the window. I moved the sheer curtain. I thought something looked funny.

  "It must have rained pretty hard today," I said.

   "That's what I was just telling you. There are four telephone poles broken on LA1 and causing traffic on 308."

  "Wow." I put him on speakerphone. "You know how we were trying to decide what to do about the pool." Snap. We had a above-ground pool. The kind you buy at Academy. We hadn't filled it yet this year. We needed to clean it first, but we were debating if we wanted to because we are going to start landscaping back there and laying it out for when we can get a real pool.

  "Yeah," he said slowly. "What about it?"

  "Well, I guess Mother Nature decided to help us pick it up. It's on the fence."

  "Ha! Ha! Very funny! That thing is way too heavy."

  "I would have said that about breaking the telephone poles."

  "You're not kidding are you."

  "Nope. I'm texting you the pic right now. Oh and babe, you missed a few spots with the weedeater."

  I guess it's time for real pool. And just think, it's not even hurricane season down here. Gawrsh.

Lots of <3,


  1. Holy moly! Good thing you weren't in the yard when that happened!

    1. Yeah, no kidding. But if I were, I'd have a really cool video to share. hehe You know what's even funnier. My neighbor had a plastic kiddie pool out, and it didn't move from it's spot. Mine had more water in it, too. So weird.