Why Portland?

This is a question that I get often. If you've read my novel, Meridienne Drake: Secrets of the Truth, you know that it takes place around Portland, Oregon. If you know me, you know I lived in New Orleans for most of my life and now reside in Houma, LA. Things in common between New Orleans and Portland: well, nothing. They really could not be more opposite cities. New Orleans is by day laid-back, historic, and old-fashioned, and by night it's partying, romantic, and good-eating. Portland is almost futuristic, stylish, and outdoorsy. Gotta love that there is a Starbucks on almost every block.

I've always been told to write what you know. And, you should. So when I sat down to write this novel that was inspired by dragons. I wanted it to be realistic and seem as though maybe dragons do still exist. Well, the marsh lands of lower Louisiana just didn't present the picture I wanted. Not that a Louisiana dragon won't make an appearance. It's just not the type I wanted Meridienne to fly on. :o)

Have you been to the Oregon coast? The hideaway beaches, the cliffs looking out at the ocean, the mountains, and lush landscapes. Dragons can easily be lurking in those areas especially the caves cut through the rocks by the water. It was easy to picture them there. I've been there. I was only there for a week, but the memory has never faded. So, in this case, I'm writing about my experience there. What I saw, smelled, touched, and heard. I remember the first time I saw the rocks that are in the Goonies. Can I tell you? That. Made. My. Day. It made my whole trip. I not only saw them, but climbed on them, and took a picture with them. Good fun. :o) I would love to be able to spend a month there to write. Humph. Maybe one day.

Anyway, if you ever visit Oregon, be sure to go see the coast. Take a drive from Canon Beach to Astoria. If you make little stops along the way, you'll see what I write about.

Lots of <3,

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