Six Sentence Sunday 12/18: Meridienne Drake Book 1 Excerpt

This is my very first Six Sentence Sunday, and I'm so excited about it.

In my novel, Meridienne Drake: Secrets of the Truth, Meridienne is discovering lots of secrets that have been kept from her all her life. Being 13--almost 14-- and about to enter high school, she just wanted to be a normal teenager. Her parents had other plans.

In the excerpt, Meridienne was trying to do something as simple as grab a book from her grandfather's library. But something else was beckoning her:

     One book--across the room, way up high--caught her eye as it sparkled. Suddenly, visions of fascinating colors and blurry images began to flash in front of her eyes. Greens--Reds--Yellows--Blues--Purples-All combined--All separate--Moving across her eyes. They were going so fast that it looked like a kaleidoscope. Meridienne wanted them to slow down. Suddenly, yellow eyes with black pupils shaped like pear-cut diamonds emerged from the background of the images and moved toward her getting larger until they dissolved into Meridienne’s eyes.

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