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I haven't come up with a title to book 2 of the Meridienne Drake series, but I am in it about 15K words, and that's almost a quarter into it. Being a cheerleader coach, I have less time to write. I usually get to write around the clock starting in March, so I think I'm on top of things for the time being.
Yesterday, another author posted in her blog about having pictures to help see what you want to write. This technique really does work. Let's  face it, we all need to be visual at times! So I finally put together my Vision Board to inspire me to write more when I'm at my computer in hopes to stop any and all distractions. A vision board is a collaboration of pretty much anything. If you have a goal, you would like to achieve such as traveling. You would put pictures of all the places you want to go so that everyday it is a constant reminder of what you are working towards.
My vision board is for the Meridienne Drake Series. Back during Book 1, I collaborated from all over the internet pictures of people, places, and things that inspire my book. The trouble is having to pull up pictures for one takes time and second pulls you away from the screen where you are writing. Yeah, yeah. I know with Windows 7 you can split your screen. But I like a full screen with my writing program open. Even my task bar goes into hiding. I was definitely the kid that saw pretty buttons and wanted to push them. So, having my vision board is wonderful because now I just need to slightly turn my head and can see every picture. :o) It helped me so much yesterday that I sat down and wrote almost 4k words. No lie! That's right I was at 11K words before yesterday.
So, how do you make a Vision Board?

  • You can use anything as your actual board: Cardboard, cork board, metal sheet (Because I know we all have that lying around the house), fabric board, canvas, even a wall will work. Mine is a fabric board with Ribbons stapled at every intersection and a button glued over it. It used to be in the kitchen to hold Christmas cards and lists, invitations, etc. If you look closely at the pic below, you'll see two buttons missing. :o)
  • After you find your pictures, print them out. Your pictures can be about absolutely anything. I have clothing styles, rooms, landscape, different people to use features I like about some to make up one complete person, houses, cars. Anything.
  • Then, you just use push pins, magnets, tape or whatever you need to hold the pics. I used tape to help hold in some places that I didn't think the ribbon would suffice.
  • I also left room to grow as the book progresses. I'm thinking when the series ends though. I may have many more or possibly an entire room.
And, Voila! You made a vision board and can start your path of focus. Simple, right!
Lots of <3,

P.S. Get more on how seeing the picture can help bring your characters to life by visiting "This Writer's Life..."

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