A Sign

I never think of myself as superstitious, but I have little quirks. For example, I whole-heartedly believe in signs. I was always raised to believe that the universe will present the path that you were meant to follow by showing you little signs that you are doing the right thing. Today, I was shown my path. Now, please don't misunderstand that this is a good sign or a bad sign. It could completely go downhill, but I do believe that it still is what you were meant to do. However, if it goes bad, it means you were meant to learn and grow from this path you were on. Anyway, here's my story for the day.

Today was my last day at school officially. I am not very sentimental; but, looking around the barren classroom just after hauling out the last of my immense amount of accumulated junk throughout my years teaching, my heart suddenly felt very heavy, my throat was swollen, and my feet glued to the floor. I recalled the loud, boisterous children in the hall after the final bell on Fridays, my "Lunch Bunch" who ate lunch with me every day, and the enlightenment behind my student's eyes when something I was teaching clicked for them. It was sad to say the least. My classroom normally decorated with projects, drawings they drew for me, and leaves they collected to decorate my board (long story) were all gone. The room looked as it did the first time I entered it, an ordinary classroom awaiting its next personality to create a new sanctuary.

A sanctuary is what it became for me. I would often find myself there on weekends to prepare for the upcoming week, find a quiet haven to catch up on work, or with my music playing, look at the time and realize I should have been home hours ago. Teaching is a lot of work. Don't let anyone misguide you about that. Teachers get summer vacations and added holidays for a reason. It is not a 9 to 5 job, because it is an around the clock job. You are always a teacher every second of the day whether grading or preparing until 12 or 1 at night or telling someone, who is not one of your students, to use better grammar. (I was an English teacher, in case you didn't read the other post.)

Nevertheless, leaving today was harder than I had imagined. My entire trip home I was filled with numerous questions, but one plagued my mind. Am I doing the right thing? That's when the sign came.

As habit, immediately I got home and went to check my mail. Even when it's trash, I love getting mail. I know; I am so weird. Today, there was a package. With a new pep to my step, I went inside and opened the package. Inside was a Labradorite (Picture below). This means absolutely nothing to most of you because you haven't read my book, but this is going to be on the cover of my book and plays a significant role for my main character, Meridienne Drake. I knew this was coming in the mail, but I wasn't expecting it until Friday. So, to be here two days before expected and after all the worry I tormented myself prior to this, I took it as a sign. Good or Bad, I know I am on the road that I am meant to travel. Silly, I know, but we all have to do what works for us. So I just have one thing left to throw out to my universe:


^ This is a Labradorite.

Isn't it pretty? It is much prettier in person with all the colors reflecting.


  1. I think Blogger might have chewed your fonts. The first paragraph is in Cambria and the subsequent ones are in Calibiri.

  2. Thanks. That first paragraph has been giving me trouble. I tried changing it. I hope it's better this time. :o)

  3. Jessica, girl you really have a gift with written words!!!! I am a big believer in signs as well. those little signs that give you the peace you need to know you are on the right track. God puts us in different places, at different times. Follow His lead, and you will never be doing the wrong thing. Can't wait to read your book. Where will it be sold?

  4. Awww. Thanks so much. My book will be sold at all major bookstores. I am going to try to get it at Bent Pages also. :o)